Company Profile

Sanadren® comes from the knowledge of the silicone materials used for the preparation of semi-occlusive patches for the treatment of keloids and hypertrophic scars, stretch marks, skin lesions, and burns. Observing the international studies on the topic, the products obtained, the effectiveness, and the cost/benefit ratio, we manufactured tutors and compressive clothing with fine craftsmanship techniques, for maximum ergonomics, exceptional comfort, and an optimal practicality. We have designed and manufactured a complete line called Osmodren®-Ceroxsyl composer of patch-sheaths, made in various sizes and compression levels, which can be used for various topical treatments associated with pharmaceutical, parapharmaceutical, and herbal preparations, recommended on/after prescription or for self-medication.

We operate in: orthopedics, phlebology, lymphology, rheumatology, plastic surgery, aesthetic medicine, dermatology. Our products are classified as medical or cosmetic devices.

Innovative Products

The purpose of our products is to help the lymphatic system to expel the residues of the human body. Thanks to our technology it is possible to pair comfortable and functional clothing, which exert a compressive action on the body, with the action of the silicone film which, thanks to the exercised occlusion, increases the drainage capacity. All this while supporting microcirculation, leaving the maximum transpiration induced by gas-permeability of medical grade silicones, and guarenteeing spontaneous hyperproduction of elastin and collagen, which also enables aesthetic improvement of derma. The compressive clothing paired with medical silicone support the return flux of blood towards the heart and sensibly reduce venous insufficiency and therefore edema in the lower limbs, conspicuously limiting the first varicone veins and restraining the rapid chronicizing action of PEF.  

Fields of Application

The products are recommended for: elastic compression action and therefore drainage of liquids, stimulation and rearrangement of fibroblasts, stimulation of elastin and collagen by means of the action of the medical silicones, electrostatic action of silicon derivates on proliferation of fibroblasts and keratinocytes. All this determines the commercial success of our products, thanks to the combined benefits of elastic compression and medical silicone, scientifically proven in prestigious universities. Our silicone, applied on natural cotton fibers, turns to gel and creates a biocompatible and gas-permeable membrane (which breathes), allows ionic interchange between oxygen and carbon dioxide, (draws to the surface the water molecules loaded with non-metabolized  toxins which create inflammatory states), and simultaneously releases mineral oil gently hydrating the skin helping semi-permeable osmotic filling. The contact of the cutis with the garment softens the skin without further use of creams or lotions, thanks to the rehydration of the stratum corneum by osmotic effect.

Distribution & Marketing

2021 is the year of the consolidation of partnership with Gloria Med Group, already started in 2020 with patents transfer in co-ownership and continued with an exclusive distribution contract and a participation in Sanadren Europe GmbH. Synergies between the firms will be complete: from joint research and development of new products, also through consociates, to the cited distribution activity and activities of joint marketing.

Gloria Med S.p.A. began in 1926 in Lugano as a productor of medical compression stockings, later relocated to Menaggio (lake of Como) expanding over the years the range of action in the medical field which currently includes products and services for Phlebology, Vascular Surgery, Lymphology, Vulnology, Aesthetic Medicine, Plastic Surgery. Since 2004 it’s active in the pharmaceutical field, too, through the consociate Gloria Med Pharma S.r.l., specialized in sclerosing therapy. The administrative and commercial seat is in Menaggio, with a new production and logistics plant at Traona (Sondrio).