Our purpose is to help the lymphatic system to expel the bulky waste of the human body. Today you may include a comfortable and functional garment that occluding with the action of the silicone film increases the drainage capacity, favoring microcirculation, leaving the maximum perspiration induced by the gas-permeability of medical grade silicones, and ensuring the spontaneous overproduction of collagen and elastin which also provides aesthetic improvement of the dermis.

The compression garments made of medical grade silicone increase the return flow to the heart and significantly reduce the venous insufficiency, i.e. the swelling of the lower limbs discomfort, limiting conspicuously the first varicose veins and containing cronicizzante the rapid action of the PEF.

The products are recommended for: elastocompression + drainage, reordering stimulation of fibroblasts, stimulation of elastin and collagen by the action of the medical silicones, electrostatic action due to the action of silicon derivatives on the proliferation of fibroblasts and keratinocytes. Therefore we are confident of the commercial success of our products relative to the benefits scientifically proven by all the world’s most prestigious universities, adopted by the leading companies engaged in the preparation of medications and medical devices.

Our silicone, applied on natural cotton fibers, gels and creates a biocompatible and gas-permeable membrane (breathing), it allows an ion exchange between oxygen and carbon dioxide, (attracts the surface water molecules loaded with toxins not metabolized that create inflammatory states), while simultaneously frees the mineral oil gently hydrating the skin helping the filling semi-permeable osmotic. The contact with the garment softens the skin without the use of additional creams or lotions (rehydration of the stratum corneum to the osmosis effect).